Corredor de esquecimentos

Sei que teu nome tem

outro nome

o sim que o não fica

fica detido

E mais a mais

os menos são tão iguais

diminuem muito mais

e ganham em quantidade

E se ama o irrisório

o rasgo na cara

Lentidão rápida

É porque tem um quê

Ninguém vê

do jeito que sai de si

dentro e tão fora

Amor, amor, amor

grito de voz rouca

coisa de gente louca

Pedro Moreira Nt

19 de fevereiro de 2019 ·

The forest does not exist, but the image proves that it is on eyes. It is better to say that it is up your soul.
Perfection does not exist, in general when to see something we are to getting for understand.
It is relations about what others say, what is living inside us like a faith or a document of guaranteed about a thing. But its not is thing. Nature is the complex presence in empty of us.
Does thinking is not see as what is crystalised in us.
I need forget opinions about somewhat to takes opinions about someone that love me and can say front me what think this image.
Someone that seen at time with me.

It is what can thinking about the transgression of love.

Get yourself and go to desert.
Discover your cover into hours.Does know how much is the sequence unrepeated than is this all. Has appearance of repetition but all is unrepeated. The naturality with what to do feeling better.Have a time, living in all place and it is in your hand. Huge the time discovering your essence. The essence of the time is itself history.The essentiality of life. The pulse recognizes that the time is in yours.
You do the dunes, flowers, shades complex that get out you and turn you because it is the home of the beauty. Is the rhythm that takes the history.
Have a period of the day in that you feel something like a mental energy, in your body show this for you. Perhaps yours fingers, the hand, feet, anyway for you have still very much more the sensation of the energy will know when realizes your time.
It is when naturalizing the time that you go with it.
The perfect action it is a perfect schedule. Never compensative of the chances or opportunities, but of conquest the place and time by time reconnected with nature schedule.It is when you dominate the desires. The hell of the waiting makes anything for a right that you put in action and create the corrections. It is the time to know the hour of yours powers. Always in connection, still you are not feeling about, and always in all activity that realizes has the possibility to reach in succession the balance and peaceful.

Theses words came from of the book: The Oblivion Garden by Pedro Moreira Nt a narrative book.

We would be not a messenger that can emerged from the spiritual Africa voice. Maybe the concretion of image came of the dusting of the camera. Nothing is the silence in the image.
Nothing is silence in profound of human soul. If its happen is like a wrong.
Look at surrounding and follow the happening from a life in an instant.
This image show us a moment.
It is what can happen when the anxiety takes someone for the instant that if open the gates of African desert. The beauty is so absurd that were into us the silence a grant of the heaven. The silence. In nothing is possible a silence. So I lived this.
I already listen that this is not more than an image around of the French county.
Does it come from Brazil of a county road?
I can say that this image came from Africa, but not is nothing same what I really saw. The sensation change with the wind.

The God breath for does making living us. The wind changes the humanity aspects.
A part is not the continent and whole its extension never were saw is the abstraction created. The creation of a to be social person.
We are living by moments. How much the experience of the Possible if approach, more we feel the each more different situation goes with us in the existential process.
It is what can represent when we saw the brightness in tragic eyes of a people. But I can say that remembers my desire of forgetting how much I live in distance front my people too. But never and never I can to forget. All things in all kind of evaluations are living in my heart, into my soul.

Certainly you can see Oblivion Garden in something that meet into life, is proper of a culture if manifest when the recollection want if turn off and to have of the divine a gift, the silence.
We not know very much as the past not is a past, bust the qualification that us offer for us.
Perhaps never thinking about this or in contrary we can to do an expression and it all can entrance in the picture like nothing.
How quality is the reality and reality is the expression intern and external in same time. The unity of the
possible is an ethical equivalence of effort in that recreates in this operation knew qualities and discovering to be possible ourselves to forgiven us and dispensate the wrong of an accidental image.

Theses words came from of the book: “The Oblivion Garden” by Pedro Moreira Nt

“It is the place, the invention of the life as a relative reality where it is manifest in the randomized process of policy, of the polis how in Aristotle, in that create in modern policies that define your significations to will be coverage of the knowledge, it is this a cooperatively a politic embodiment of the each realities as one homogeny reality for all.
How the human need of the others to life, keep clear in different cases that usually is each one assertive, in submission of this ideology (fragmented in ideologies in yours variations), although do it, believe, reproduce in mimetic skills for participate of one pseudo free world.
The imitation in itself is a necessary pilot plan for live with more secure conditions. The historical experience of the others it is a happen for all us. Look that the language is a conformative example, still that have in the times changes been for politics of the control it is change too with manifest cultural social uses.
What this meaning is that no one — the human in nowhere — to want live separate.
The human can create regulation culture/moralities or regular schedule that to do use as measure to availability of another that present them. Normative is as specie the skill to protection your life, as a type of manual for relationships or interactivity. The man born with a barrier, a borderline that say: I need to have complete confidence before I to become who can to be interactive with you.”

Theses words came from of the book: The Garden Inside You by Pedro Moreira Nt

Think about this:

[] that a man may grow like a plant and creates process for improving in efficiency as a beggar, as a gangster, or as a corrupt politician, cannot be doubted. But from the standpoint of growth as education and education as growth the question is whether growth in this direction promotes or retards growth in general. Does this form, of growth create conditions for further growth, or does it set up conditions that shut oh the person who has grown in this particular direction from the occasions, stimuli, and opportunities for continuing growth in new directions? 

What is the effect of growth in a special direction upon the attitudes and habits which alone open up avenues for development in other lines? I shall leave you to answer these questions, saying simply that when and only when development in a particular line conduces to continuing growth does it answer to the criterion of education as growing. For the conception is one that must find universal and not specialized limited application.

I would like to go on, but as it may be – belonging to groups, I am restricted to the space of the possible. In the calm tumble over the stunning space. At least in it, I can still take care of those who root themselves out of me and live the possibility.”

Theses words came from of the book: The ideology property by Pedro Moreira Nt

Casa que o cão cuida, o ladrão entrou e jejene , antes de morrer rasgou a carne deste bandido e encheu de larvas.

Hay una ventana que no se abre.
Guardado está el silencio dentro de la casa.
Dentro de la oficina, la profunda calma que proviene de recuerdos bien dormidos. Ahogada están las angustias en las aguas del olvido.
Las olas del profundo le dicen que olvide.
En las calles frías el aliento del clima húmedo. Lo superfluo es largo, y pequeño. Cosas sin dormir, sin motivos de esperanza siguen sin planes porque hay egoísmo y se sabe que el futuro continúa hasta la esquina donde nadie se detiene, ni se entra al café porque las variaciones de frío impiden que uno pida calor con el humo de la paz. Las cámaras de vigilancia nunca cesan su mirada panorámica. Siguen en marcha las almas estúpidas para averiguar si las ventanas aún están cerradas.
Los malvados tienen en sus cabezas algunos gusanos que los dominan y los alejan del Señor Jesús, quien en el jardín está con la cabeza baja con la sangre que fluye en un arroyo. Él sin decir nada a nadie en pasar las horas donde el común arrojan unos en contrario de otros. Son los mortales. Son mortales porque se matan delante del café sin jamás entraren, sin decir nada porque non tiene lo que decir.
Están en el Gullag, en el móvil en sus aciertos grupales desde temprano con risas exponentes de maledicencias.
Aquí en el café en el humo de la paz poniendo la mano en el rojo continuo de la sangre biendecido hay calor.

Theses words came from of the book: El cumbre de la casa by Pedro Moreira Nt

The sharks are dancing. In all blue of an aquatic air. They are like birds without wings, beaks, pure eyes, no have branches to resting because not has the trees, a florest. In reality I think that is dancers that floats and nothing more wishes than waiting that one day ceases the music. Travelling in excursions and to tryin them and again with news choreographic performances. No exist in them sadness, are not singing a song. Since dawn until dusk and remain in movement and no one applauds them.
Perhaps to be for a trap. They are hunters and killing for eating and not for cruelty. Some sharks live in the ocean, others in evil theories, others in poor faith, and still others live in Brecht’s works.
I do not has preference while I do not know who are the choreographics artists. Where do these performances come from?
And more I do not hear the music, the kind of music that someone execute. Who are the musicians, where they are, somewhat is comparative with what? What instruments do play? I imagine that has an intense effort for realizing into the ocean a musical performance.
How much instrument they are use, I do not know.
Never leave the stage. This is a complex that never having the essay realize as essay a professionals performances work.
The production of theses spectacular show in continuous offer beautiful movements with graces and terrible action that hunters results.
Balances, velocity, fast actuation and in sequence is in complex destroyed with death of somewhat. It is normal in the shark life, but it is not normal for the spectator that like of art, a show that pay and go for other place.
I like of the dancing, the march of the armies, but do not neither reason nor motive in cause of death someone, and let alone my death by sharks.

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